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Michael O'Neal - President, Owner, Founder, Inventor

Blaine Lawson - Vice-President, Owner, Founder, Inventor

Roger Lammert - Machinist, Actuator Consultant, Contingency fee holder

Dennis Donahue III - Patent Lawyer, Sub- Contractor, Contingency fee Holder

Mike Farmer - Established Marine Engineer, Sub-Contractor, Contingency fee Holder

 *** We are ready for exclusive licensing negotiations and are looking for companies in the pontoon industry or outside the marine industry, that share the vision of changing the pontoon market forever. Many concept improvements have taken place and testing is going well, a new hybrid mono-hull and additional deck space has been developed making this product even more revolutionary ***



*** Patents have been issued and additional patents are pending and continued research and development are being done***


*** This IS an industry changing design, that has NEVER been done before ***





What can our product do?



Increase Usable Floor space of any Pontoon up to 60% (up to 100% if slide-out / fold-out wings are used)

* Our Low-Pro deck is lower to the water

* The Swim deck is clear of dangerous gates and obstacles

* Size matters - TO EVERYONE



Quadratoon can be Retro-Fitted to an Existing Pontoon Boat Regardless of Age

* Consumers do not need to buy a expensive new boat to benefit from this concept

* Dealers are excited about the install and chance to make more money, and have contacted us to be exclusive dealers in their region.  Our phones are open to dealers that have the same interest.

* No special Lifts or trailers are required



Easier Handicap / Special Needs Access Due to LO-PRO Deck and Lift Accessories

* During Shoreline drop off Prop/motor is a safe 36 ft from shoreline



Stability and Ride Surpasses That of a Standard Tri-toon

* All other Flotation configurations are also patented



The Quadratoon Concept is VERSATILE

* Accessories and FUN are UNLIMITED!  (See our photo section for state of the art options)



Our Focus Group Test Went Great at PDB Days at Table Rock Lake

* We had the public and manufacturing audience captivated.  We had several consumers wanting us to measure their boats for a retro-fit, and several asking us which manufacturer was going to pick this up because they were interested.



Evinrude reps have stated increased fuel economy can be achieved



Several model #'s are costly in any business, but our product fits all models with one initial engineering cost.



Quadratoon is affordable to consumer and drives high profit margins for manufacturer/dealer

* The cost of purchasing, operating, or mooring a 36' boat are staggering compared to the   Quadratoon alternative and equivalent.



This Concept is Patented for Docks also, and Can be Extremely Useful Where Limitations are in Place for "Permanent Fixed Docks"

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